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What is THE ABSOLUTE BEST way to go through Car Dealer Reviews?
Filtering reviews is a powerful way to quickly evaluate any business.  Most review sites give consumers the ability to filter reviews.

Here are a few recommendations:
1.    Filter reviews by highest scores - If you are considering a business, that means there is something that intrigues you about their company or product.  Spend some time looking to see if the high review scores come with supporting details that resonate with what you'd like to see in a business.

2.    Filter reviews by lowest scores - See if there is a common thread and consistent irritation amongst customers.  There are no companies that are perfect however consistent reviews that show a lack of trustworthiness may be a caution sign.

3.    Filter reviews by most recent - Is a business trending down?  Filtering by the most recent scores may be a way to determine this.  Keep in mind to not overreact from a few bad reviews.  If a business seems absolutely perfect this may be a warning sign as well, as no business is perfect...

How are car dealer reviews created?

Car Dealer reviews are created from happy and unhappy consumers that have either purchased, had a vehicle serviced, or had some type of phone or internet communication with a car dealership.  These customers visit online sources like Google, Dealerater, Facebook, Edmunds, Cars.com, and other resources to give feedback about their automotive experiences.  Some of these sites like Google and Facebook require more specific information from the consumer before being able to leave a review.

How to tell if dealership reviews are fake?
Excessive praise or consistent high scores without supporting details is not very helpful to most consumers and should be questioned.  Although consumers do sometimes leave a quick note, it is rare that a consumer has an amazing experience, gives a perfect rating and has nothing specific to say about the salesperson they dealt with, sales manager, customer service, or ease of the transaction.

What is the most common rating scale for consumer reviews?
The industry standard for ratings is a 1 to 5 star rating, with a 5 star rating being the highest. Anything over a 4.0 rating is considered solid while anything above a 4.5 rating is considered outstanding.

Official Tallahassee Review Ratings and Results - Updated January 2018
The review scores are based from data pulled in January 2018. These are unbiased review scores pulled in from third party sites that consumers give feedback on.

Google Review Star Ratings
 Capital Eurocars    4.6 Stars with 333 Google Reviews
 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Chevrolet 4.2 Stars with 549 Google Reviews
 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Buick GMC Cadillac    
 4.3 Stars with 273 Google Reviews
 Gem Mazda 4.8 Stars with 276 Google Reviews
 Kraft Nissan 3.9 Stars with 256 Google Reviews
 Legacy Toyota
 4.4 Stars with 926 Google Reviews
 Napleton INFINITI of Tallahassee
 4.2 Stars with 235 Google Reviews
 Proctor Honda 4.7 Stars with 662 Google Reviews
 Tallahassee Dodge Chrysler Jeep 4.0 Stars with 381 Google Reviews
 Tallahassee Ford Lincoln
 4.3 Stars with 502 Google Reviews
 Werner Hyundai    3.9 Stars with 223 Google Reviews

DealerRater.com Reviews - Star Ratings
 Capital Eurocars
 4.9 Stars with 649 Lifetime Reviews
 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Chevrolet  2.6 Stars with 125 Lifetime Reviews
 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Buick GMC Cadillac    
 4.1 Stars with 108 Lifetime Reviews
 Gem Mazda 5.0 Stars with 23 Lifetime Reviews
 Kraft Nissan 4.5 Stars with 52 Lifetime Reviews
 Legacy Toyota
 4.7 Stars with 618 Lifetime Reviews
 Napleton INFINITI of Tallahassee
 2.9 Stars with 53 Lifetime Reviews
 Proctor Honda
 4.7 Stars with 721 Lifetime Reviews
 Tallahassee Dodge Chrysler Jeep
 3.8 Stars with 210 Lifetime Reviews
 Tallahassee Ford Lincoln
 4.7 Stars with 337 Lifetime Reviews
 Werner Hyundai 4.8 Stars with 493 Lifetime Reviews

Facebook Reviews - Star Ratings
 Capital Eurocars 4.1 Stars with 104 Facebook Reviews
 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Chevrolet    4.4 Stars with 757 Facebook Reviews
 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Buick GMC 3.5 Stars with 28 Facebook Reviews
 Gem Mazda
 4.7 Stars with 47 Facebook Reviews
 Kraft Nissan
 0 Stars with 0 Facebook Reviews
 Legacy Toyota
 4.1 Stars with 274 Facebook Reviews
 Napleton INFINITI of Tallahassee
 0 Stars with 0 Facebook Reviews
 Proctor Honda
 4.8 Stars with 311 Facebook Reviews
 Tallahassee Dodge Chrysler Jeep
 0 Stars with 0 Facebook Reviews
 Tallahassee Ford Lincoln 0 Stars with 0 Facebook Reviews
 Werner Hyundai 4.1 Stars with 133 Facebook Reviews
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