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Proctor Honda Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service


Keep your Honda in top shape by getting the oil and filter changed regularly at Proctor Honda.

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Oil Change, Tallahassee, FL

Benefits Of Regular Oil Change Service

Consider regular oil changes part of an investment reliable and efficient transportation. Changing oil and filters on time brings five small, but significant benefits summarized here:

  • Smoother and quieter ride - Regular oil changes keep the engine's guts clean and lubricated for better operation
  • Better performance - Poor lubrication causes an engine to lose power because of friction, and because of wear on key parts like piston rings.
  • Better fuel economy - A properly lubricated engine runs more efficiently. That translates to a boost in fuel economy.
  • Lower emissions - Older vehicles in particular can burn old, dirty oil. Fresh oil is less likely to burn and contribute to air pollution.
  • Extended engine life - Clean oil that's engineered for your engine and for the driving conditions will help make your engine last longer.
In brief, regular oil changes are an inexpensive way to make your car last longer, run better, and produce less pollution. Consistent oil changes can also help to head off major engine problems in the future. Whatever you drive, we can provide the right oil and filter every time.


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2373 W. Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304

Serving Tallahassee, FL

Proctor Honda is conveniently located close to Honda drivers in the Tallahassee area. Our certified technicians regularly service all makes and models, not just Honda. This means you can count on our technicians for expert service on all parts of your car.

Oil Change Service

We only use OEM parts for all maintenance and repair work here at Proctor Honda. We strictly follow manufacturer's guidance on things like what oil to use and when to change it, so you can be sure your car is being kept in top shape.