Are Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Worth It?


If you're thinking of purchasing a used vehicle, you'll also need to decide between a traditional used and a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle. Both options offer excellent affordability compared to new inventory, but one has a slightly higher sticker price accompanied by increased peace-of-mind measures and benefits exclusive to the manufacturer.

Honda Certified Pre-Owned Program Benefits

Honda offers three tiers of vehicle coverage in its award-winning Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, including
HondaTrue Certified, HondaTrue Certified+, and HondaTrue Used.

Features HondaTrue Certified+ HondaTrue Certified HondaTrue Used
Honda Model Years 2021-2022 vehicles 2017-2022 vehicles 2012-2022 vehicles

Limited Warranty Coverage*

Powertrain Coverage
7 years/100,000 miles

Non-Powertrain Coverage
For vehicles purchased within New Vehicle Limited Warranty period:
5 years/86,000 miles

Powertrain Coverage
7 years/100,000 miles

Non-Powertrain Coverage
For vehicles purchased within New Vehicle Limited Warranty period: extends New Vehicle Limited Warranty to 4 years/48,000 miles

For vehicles purchased after New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired: 1 year/12,000 miles from delivery date

Powertrain Coverage
100 days/5,000 miles

Non-Powertrain Coverage
100 days/5,000 miles

Roadside Assistance Yes Yes Yes
Oil Change Up to two complimentary oil changes within the first year of ownership Up to two complimentary oil changes within the first year of ownership One complimentary oil change within the first year of ownership
3-Day Exchange Policy Yes Yes Yes
Honda Care Eligible for purchase Eligible for purchase Eligible for purchase
Trip Interruption Yes Yes Yes
Concierge Service Yes Yes Yes
Vehicle Inspection Reports 182 Point Inspection 182 Point Inspection 112 Point Inspection
Sirius XM First 90 days First 90 days First 90 days

Non-Powertrain Limited Coverage Includes:

• Fuel System

• Suspension

• Steering

• Brakes

• Electrical

• Sensors

• Batteries

• Air Conditioning

• Heating & Cooling

• Bulbs

• Audio & Navigation

• Window Regulators

• Safety Restraint System

• Fluids

• Lubricants

• Door & Hood Hinges

*Disclaimer: For any coverage under the HondaTrue Certified+ and HondaTrue Certified programs, coverage period in years begins from the original in-service date of the vehicle and coverage period by miles is based on total odometer miles (whichever occurs first). For HondaTrue Used, the Limited Warranty provides non-powertrain and powertrain coverage for 100 days/5,000 odometer miles (whichever occurs first) beginning at the expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, or from the date of sale of the vehicle if the New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired at the time of sale.

Learn more about Certified warranty coverages, deductibles, and terms:


Watch to learn more about Honda’s Certified Pre-Owned process and vehicles:

Coverage for Used Vehicles That Do Not Qualify for HondaTrue Pre-Owned Certification

We can only certify Hondas, but sell great quality used cars made by a large variety of manufacturers!

Proctor Used Car Limited Warranty Benefits
Eligibility / Quality Benefits / Coverage
Any Make, Model, Year or Mileage
(typically under 110k)
Most of our used vehicles come with a dealer-backed
3 month / 3,000 mile limited warranty at no charge

Refurbished to varying degrees including: lube, oil and filter, wiper blades, tire alignment

Undergo multi-point inspection to ensure safety

Covers engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axel, fluids & filters in connection with repair/replacement of a covered part*
No history of frame damage or air bag deployment CarFax history included

*See dealer for additional coverage details.

Why do Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles cost more than traditional used vehicles?


• Stringent manufacturer mandated requirements to qualify in one of the three HondaTrue tiers.

• Vehicles are refurbished to meet Honda’s criteria for HondaTrue Certified, Certified+, or HondaTrue Used.


• Qualifying HondaTrue Certified & Used vehicles come with warranties backed by the manufacturer. Traditional used cars rarely have warranties, and if they do, it will be issued through the dealer or a third party.

• Qualifying HondaTrue Certified & Used vehicles can redeem the benefits of their warranty at any authorized dealer, not just the dealer they purchased from. This is ideal if you travel or move.

• Can include extra technology, safety, and service perks from the manufacturer in the price.


• Since the manufacturer has such extensive requirements for a vehicle to be certified, the manufacturer can offer very appealing financing (auto loan) options on CPOs that most used cars are not eligible for.

• Certified Pre-Owned vehicles can also be found with financing incentives (low APR’s, loan lengths) similar to those found on new car deals.

• HondaTrue Certified & Used Vehicles have no deductible on warranty related service visits.