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Which CR-V is Right for Me?
Comparing The 2021 CR-V and 2021 CR-V Hybrid
The CR-V is the best-selling crossover over the past decade.* With its smooth driving, easy handling, comfortable interior, excellent safety ratings, and standard safety features (Honda Sensing), it's easy to see why!

*Based on IHS Markit U.S. total new vehicle registrations of non-luxury traditional Crossover Utility Vehicles from 2010 through July 2020.

How Are The 2021 CR-V and CR-V Hybrid Different?
Fuel Efficiency & Engine Differences
Pricing Differences
Exterior Differences
Color Availability Color Availability is the same between CR-V and CR-V Hybrid vehicles, with the exception of Aegean Blue Metallic, which is not available on any CR-V Hybrid trim level.
Performance & Maintenance Differences
The Honda CR-V Hybrid comes with three unique driving modes that can be selected on buttons to the right of the button gear-shift:

Does a CR-V Hybrid Drive Differently than a standard CR-V?
When toggling between Econ, Sport and EV Modes, you will probably notice differences in the way a CR-V Hybrid feels in Sport mode vs Econ mode, since the modes have different purposes and functions. Otherwise, the CR-V Hybrid feels nearly identical in smoothness and comfort to the standard CR-V.
Is Maintenance Different for a CR-V Hybrid than a CR-V?
Since the Honda CR-V Hybrid contains both electric and gas-powered engines, the maintenance will differ a bit from a standard gasoline-powered CR-V, but it should not be any more expensive than maintaining it’s non-hybrid counterpart.
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