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Comparison Guide: How is the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid different from the 2020 CR-V?

Which CR-V is Right for Me?
Comparing The 2020 CR-V and CR-V Hybrid
The CR-V is the best-selling crossover over the past decade.* With its smooth driving, easy handling, comfortable interior, excellent safety ratings, and standard safety features (Honda Sensing), it's easy to see why! The 2020 Model Year not only brought exciting changes to the CR-V, but we also saw the introduction of the CR-V hybrid.

*Based on IHS Markit U.S. total new vehicle registrations of non-luxury traditional Crossover Utility Vehicles from 2010 through July 2020.

How Are The 2020 CR-V and CR-V Hybrid Different?
Fuel Efficiency & Engine Differences
Pricing Differences
Exterior Differences
Color Availability Color Availability is the same between CR-V and CR-V Hybrid vehicles, with the exception of Aegean Blue Metallic, which is not available on any CR-V Hybrid trim level.
Performance & Maintenance Differences
The Honda CR-V Hybrid comes with three unique driving modes that can be selected on buttons to the right of the button gear-shift.:
Does a CR-V Hybrid Drive Differently than a standard CR-V?
When toggling between the different driving modes above, you will probably notice differences in the way a CR-V Hybrid feels in Sport mode vs Econ mode, since the modes have different purposes and functions. Otherwise, the CR-V Hybrid feels nearly identical in smoothness and comfort to the standard CR-V.
Is Maintenance Different for a CR-V Hybrid than a CR-V?
Since the Honda CR-V Hybrid contains both electric and gas-powered engines, the maintenance will differ a bit from a standard gasoline-powered CR-V, but it should not be any more expensive than maintaining it’s non-hybrid counterpart.
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